Tel :  Kendrick Rd  0118 920 7040

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Tel :  Craven Rd 0118 921 3160


The Forbury Clinic was founded in 2011 and currently has two sites, 'The Forbury Clinic - Kendrick Road' & 'The Forbury Clinic - Craven Road' both situated close to the centre of Reading, Berkshire.


As The Forbury Clinic has grown, the specialities and services available at its centres have expanded beyond Urology to include Spinal Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Physiotherapy, Aesthetics, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedic, Audiology, Dermatology, ENT, Imaging, Radiology and interventional radiology.


The Forbury Clinic is a group of dedicated surgeons and medical professionals who aim to provide the highest standard of care and treatment within comfortable and spacious surroundings.


"The Forbury Clinic, also known as Berkshire Health Limited, is an independent CQC registered entity which was acquired by GenesisCare on 3 March 2021 and is now a wholly owned subsidiary within the GenesisCare group but will continue to operate under its own independent CQC registration. GenesisCare is the largest private provider of cancer treatment services in the UK, which means that its patients have access to the most advanced diagnostic and oncology treatment technology in the UK.


We want our patients to feel reassured therefore, should any patients feel that there is any potential conflict of interest by using GenesisCare diagnostic and therapeutic facilities, our patients are welcome to seek second, or further opinions within or outside our clinical setup. In line with clinical best-practice, our cancer treatment plans are reviewed by our relevant multi-disciplinary teams, ensuring treatment options are entirely guided by patient preferences and clinical evaluation.


A number of the consultants who currently operate as part of The Urology Partnership at The Forbury Clinic have the ability to make referrals to Berkshire Health Limited where those consultants have been granted practising privileges to treat patients. However Berkshire Health Limited and The Urology Partnership at The Forbury Clinic are distinctly separate operating entities. The Urology Partnership at The Forbury Clinic is not part of or otherwise connected or associated with Genesis Cancer Care UK Limited or any other member of the GenesisCare group."



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